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Submit Your 2012 BUnow March Madness Bracket during March 12-15

How to enter BUnow.com March Madness Bracket Challenge

  1. Click on the link supplied by BUnow.com.  The site will look similar to the screen pictured below.
  2. Select the tab “Create Bracket.” This will take you to a page similar to the one seen below.
  3. Select the winners of each individual game.  Winners should be highlighted in dark gray when selected.  Do not forget to select a winner in the Elite Eight Matchup.  When completed, your screen should look similar to below.
  4. Fill out all four regions, Final Four, and pick a Champion.  Continue selecting all 63 games of the tournament.  At the bottom of the page fill out a “Bracket Name,” your own name, Bloomsburg University email address, and a tie-breaker score.  Once all areas have been filled out select submit.

  5. An email will be sent to your Bloomsburg University email.  This will indicate that we have received your bracket.  A printable version of your bracket can be found by clicking on your submission from the home page.
  6. Once the tournament has been started make sure to check back to bunow.com.  Standings will be updated after every game and round.  Participants can check out the standings by selecting the “Standings” tab, or check out how their individual bracket is doing by signing in and selecting their bracket on the home page.  Teams highlighted in green denote “winners” or correct picks that a participant has received points for.  Teams highlighted in red indicate incorrect selections.

Official Rules for BUnow.com March Madness Bracket Challenge



  1. About the Promotion:  The BUnow.com March Madness Bracket Challenge is a free contest for Bloomsburg Students based around the 2012 NCAA Men’s Division I College Basketball Tournament.  Students are invited to create a free tournament bracket in which they will select the winners of 63 games.  Every participant who accepts the official rules and submits a bracket will have the opportunity to win a $100 prize.  The prize and winner are subject to the Tie-Breaking rules listed below.
  2. Eligibility:  To participate in the bracket challenge you must be at least 18 years of age or older, and be a current student at Bloomsburg University.  BU students must submit their brackets using their official hukies.bloomu.edu email address.  All other email addresses will be denied entry.  Only one bracket per participant will be selected.  In the occurrence of a participant submitting multiple brackets, only the first one will be used.
  3. How to Enter:  To enter the bracket challenge you must opt-in while creating your tournament bracket.  After picking winners to all 63 games, participants must name their bracket, submit their name, BU email address, and a tie-breaker score.  Brackets can be submitted anytime between the launch of the bracket up until the tip off of the first game on Thursday, March 15.  Please note that any “play-in games” before this will not be counted in the bracket challenge.  A “receipt” of your entry will be sent to each participant by email.  This will indicate that we have received your bracket and you have accepted the official rules.
  4. Conduct:  Failure to comply with any of the official rules can result in your disqualification from the bracket challenge.  Vulgar bracket names will not be accepted.  Any misuse of the smack talk board may result in disqualification.  Participants must be respectful and vulgar language will not be tolerated.
  5. Prize:  The participant who submits the best bracket based upon the scoring listed in the rules will be the winner of a $100 prize.  The scoring system for the brackets will be as follows:
Round of 64:  1 point per correct pick (32 points possible)
Round of 32:  2 points per correct pick (32 points possible)
Sweet 16:  4 points per correct pick (32 points possible)
Elite Eight:  8 points per correct pick (32 points possible)
Final Four:  16 points per correct pick (32 points possible)
Championship:  32 points per correct pick (32 points possible)
Maximum Points Possible:  192 points
  1. Tie-Breaking Rules:  If more than one verified participant has a bracket with the same amount of points (using the official scoring system) the winner will be selected by which participant’s championship game total combined score is closest to the actual combined score of the Championship Game.  In the event that the participants are equally close to the actual combined score, the total prize will be divided up equally among the winners.