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Still deciding? Town of Bloomsburg Interactive Mayoral Voter Guide

Tomorrow, Nov. 5, is the day to get out and vote! The interactive voter guide aims to educate voters on candidates’ platforms and views. Still deciding? Click the buttons below the mayoral candidate information to learn how each responded to the questions.

*Editor’s note: The voter guide questions and answers were compiled by Catherine Jones. Featured image from Legacy of Women Voters of Norwood.

Mayoral Candidates

William Kreisher

  • Kreisher is registered as a Republican and considers himself a moderate.
  • Kreisher is over 70 but still remains active biking, snow skiing, scuba diving and working out at the YMCA. He is an attorney, appointed by the democratic majority on Town Council to serve as mayor until this next election.
  • Educational background includes:
    Juris Doctorate degree from Dickinson School of Law


“I have been endorsed to continue [as mayor] and the Columbia County Democratic Committee has not endorsed my opponent,” says Kreisher.

Eric Bower

  • Bower is a Democrat, however, he does not always agree with traditional party politics and believes whatever is best for the citizens of Bloomsburg must come first.
  • Bower is 37 and self-employed. He owns companies involved with security systems, legal services and parking management.


  • Educational background includes: Community College of the Air Force – Information Technology and Military Training, Pennsylvania ACT 49 – State Constable Training – Indiana University


“By simply using common sense solutions most issues can be resolved with less complications,” says Bower.

See how the candidates answered the following questions:

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