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State Universities Face Imminent Strike

Negotiations between Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) and the Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Faculties (APSCUF) have been going on for months now. However, with a deadline rapidly approaching, no agreement between both parties has been reached. If no agreement is reached by Wednesday at 5 a.m. then all 14 PASSHE schools’ faculty members will proceed to strike.

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According to The Associated Press, both sides agreed on a media blackout this past Saturday. Neither side will discuss talks with any media until further notice. Perhaps without outside “noise” the negotiations can conclude quicker.

Many students around Bloomsburg University as well as the other PASSHE schools have been wondering and worrying how a strike would affect multiple aspects of their education. One of the main concerns seems to be the possibility of this current semester being “scrapped” or not counting towards graduation. From philly.com, a state system spokesperson was quoted saying, “The actual point when the semester would be lost and students’ financial aid affected isn’t clear…There is a finite time frame there somewhere.”  Also, one source stated that if graduation timelines were affected, his commission into the U.S. Army out of the ROTC program would be delayed causing all sorts of unwanted trouble. For more on the effects of the strike and other topics, click here.

Aside from graduation, daily activities of over 100,000 students could be affected. The consensus among students seems to be that the sooner this whole thing is resolved the better.

Lots of things are still unclear surrounding the possible strike. However, one thing that is clear is the whole thing seems very real.

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Visit APSCUF’s website here and PASSHE’s here