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State System to explore partnership between Bloomsburg, Lock Haven, and Mansfield.

In an email sent out Wednesday, Sept. 16, President Hanna announced that PASSHE is exploring a potential partnership between Bloomsburg University, Lock Haven University, and Mansfield University. The system also announced a similar partnership between Cal U, Clarion, and Edinboro in Western PA.

The Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education has been considering possible integrations between some of the 14 state universities since July, and this partnership was initially only proposed to be between Lock Haven and Mansfield.

“The initial financial analysis suggests that the addition of Bloomsburg to this pairing provides the needed support, stability, and scalability to increase the probability of success for the State System’s regional landscape.” Dr. Hanna remarked in his email to the student body. Hanna also said that in the coming months he will be holding a town hall for students, and is holding one on Thursday, Sept. 17 for faculty and staff.

BU, LHU, MU, From Press Release.

In a press release, BU said “As part of the ongoing system redesign plans within the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (State System), the universities will explore opportunities to collaborate and build on their existing strengths, create greater efficiencies, and expand affordable, high-quality educational opportunities for students throughout the region and beyond.”

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