When you think of sports and sports media online, you tend to think of places such as ESPN.com and Bleacher Report. Those various sites have dominated the Internet and media outlets for years, but a new sports site is emerging with a chance to rise to a high level. That website is sploops.com. As stated in another BUnow article, it was created by Bloomsburg alumni, Paul Rosa and Sean Roth, and allows users up to 15 seconds to “rant” in videos about any and all sports topics. Users can trash talk another team, or praise their own. It has been a long road for the two gentlemen. From winning business competitions to now, the duo are on their way to achieving great success.


One person instrumental in helping Rosa and Roth get started was Karl Kapp, an instructional technology professor at Bloomsburg University. Kapp’s role was providing entrepreneurial guidance and advice to the duo as they began to develop their idea.

“Professor Kapp was an instrumental part of our success.  His entrepreneurial guidance helped get us through the critical early stages of this idea,” stated Rosa.

Sploops.com continues to grow and gain a following, and anticipation is high for a mobile app in the future.

“The mobile app is at the top of our priority list right now,” says Rosa, “We are putting all of our time and resources into completing the mobile app development.”

“I could see a big opportunity for this to take off, especially mobile,” stated Kapp, “Mobile will be a huge leap for those guys, and really propel Sploops’ platform really far. It will get them a lot of notice and make an impact on the sports world.”

Going mobile will be a major step in the right direction in terms of catching up with sites likes ESPN and Bleacher Report. It would also give Sploops an advantage over those two sites. The mobile site will give people the ability to post things in real time from any and all sporting events. Fans could talk trash or support their team directly from the stands, providing a different angle of sports entertainment not seen previously.

Only time will tell if Sploops has what it takes to rise to the level of its competitors, but one thing is for sure, it is on the right track. The ball is in their hands; Sploops just has to take the shot.

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