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Slipping and Sliding

After plenty of snowfall this season, people have been talking about how icy the sidewalks are around Bloomsburg’s campus. It seems that every time there is a snow storm, the sidewalks are never salted or shoveled. For the people that have 8 or 9 a.m. classes, it’s hard to get up the street without almost falling down. Walking to and from classes there are plenty of people slipping on the ice or continuously catching themselves from falling, and those people usually have snow boots on. Even crossing from Elwell to go to Italian Kitchen was a death trap.

Most students don’t mind not having classes canceled; we’re paying a lot of money for our education, but they do mind the fact that the school doesn’t do a very good job of cleaning off the sidewalks. They’re not looking out for the student’s safety like they should be. ┬áSo why isn’t the university setting out earlier to salt the sidewalks and completely shovel them? They need to put student’s safety first.