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Scuba Doo?

Not to be confused with Scooby Doo, the Scuba Doo is most definitely not a cartoon. This underwater scooter is making quite a splash in the world of water sports. Birthed by an Aussie scuba-diving company, the Scuba Doo is the only way to scuba-dive without a mask or mouthpiece.

The scooter glides through the water after being launched from a pad, cruising at the rate of 2.5 knots. A clear bubble surrounds the head and shoulders, providing a dry, safe environment that maximizes viewing opportunities. The Scuba Doo is easy to operate and also allows the diver to remain stationary under the water, just in case they want to take a minute to feed the fish. The ease of mobility is supplied by an external compressor that floats above the ocean surface and is connected by a cable to the scooter.

21 Jun - Cairns Great Barrier Reef - Scubadoo

At approximately $17,000, the Scuba Doo isn’t a cheap purchase. However, many resorts are charging $130 for a 15 minute glide through crystal clear waters that might convince the smartest of us that we belong in the ocean. Even though a try at “scubadooing” is still quite expensive, it seems to be worth the money for many adventure seekers. This new invention may seem like a vehicle created for James Bond, but you don’t need a license to kill to enjoy this innovative way to view the depths of the ocean like you’ve never seen before.