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Say ‘Good Morning’ to Change

"Good Morning," courtesy of
"Good Morning," courtesy of

As a female college student, rolling out of bed in the morning is practically impossible, especially after a long night.  Though there are a handful of early-risers mixed in among the massive population of preferably bedridden, female, collegiate students, the common consensus among our age group is that the morning hours are entirely not welcome.  However, if we had a chance to banish these morning blues, would we jump at the opportunity?

Depending on one’s outlook, another early morning alarm can signal the beginning of a new day full of promise, opportunity, change and personal growth.  Or, it can be viewed as just another annoying morning, leading to another dull, repetitive day.  If your own personal view leans more toward the latter opinion, I may be able to offer you some help and, possibly, a new lease on life.  It won’t be easy, and it will be a work in progress, but you CAN learn to love your mornings and it all starts with simply saying, “Good Morning.”

Brook Noel, author of Good Morning: 365 Positive Ways to Start Your Day, offers busy women everywhere an entire year’s supply of inspirational and life enhancing techniques with which to begin each day and make the best of every opportunity.  This book, part of a multi-faceted, self-help system and online blog called, “Make Today Matter,” reads as more than just a “Good Morning” message followed by a few positive remarks.  This book contains many of the tools needed to foster serious lifestyle changes, to reverse the effects of traveling down harmful paths, and to strive to make each day count.  Noel stresses how important it is to live in the present tense to, accordingly, live life to its fullest potential.  There is no better way to look forward to every day than to open this book when waking up each morning and find a renewed sense of meaning and purpose on every page.

Beginning with January 1st, this book is laid out in a very fluid, easy-to-follow format from front to back.  Below each date is listed an inspirational quote (my favorite parts of every entry) with sources ranging from famous writers, actors, poets, coaches, philosophers and even ordinary people.  Following the quote, Noel elaborates upon her interpretation of the quote and how it relates to the life-theme of that day.  She offers her own insight, anecdotes and even failures to show readers that change really is possible and proceeds to give them the mental tools and motivation they will need to successfully alter their bleak outlooks on life, step by step.

After Noel’s words of wisdom in every entry, comes the interactive section of the book titled, ”Your Turn.” Here, Noel encourages her readers to participate in small activities designed to increase their awareness of the world around them and train them to hone in on their opinions of themselves and the directions in which their lives have taken them.  A few examples of these hands-on activities are performing breathing and reflection exercises, compiling lists, realistically applying techniques described in the book to everyday life, using organizing and cleaning tricks, planning goal strategies and using problem solving skills.

Brook Noel, author of "Good Morning," courtesy of
Brook Noel, author of "Good Morning," courtesy of

After the “Your Turn” segment of Good Morning comes possibly the most important and potentially life-changing component of the book, titled, “Today’s Affirmation.”  Under this heading, Noel writes succinct and powerful statements that the reader is encouraged to read aloud and to keep in the front of their minds throughout the day.  If interpreted incorrectly, these simple mantras could be viewed as silly or ineffective.  How can saying a single sentence really impact your life?

It isn’t so much the verbal expression of the sentence that brings about change, as much as it is the belief behind the statement that can alter one’s outlook on themselves, their decisions and even their futures.  This step in the transformation process seems trivial compared to taking immediate action, but a small step in the right direction is always the first step in reaching a complex goal.

Good Morning: 365 Positive Ways to Start Your Day, has been a very eye-opening reading experience for me and has really shed light on the importance of having a strong, positive attitude as one travels along the hills and valleys of life.  I’ve really come to appreciate the morning hours more because of this book and I’ve noticed how waking up with a purpose for the day really helps me concentrate on what is important and helps me get my small goals for the day accomplished.

I’ve learned a lot from Good Morning and I know that every girl, or guy, at Bloomsburg University could benefit from reading a few points or ideas in this book.  So, I ask all of you this question: are you ready to say ‘Good Morning’ to a new life?