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Bloomsburg’s Service Sororities

With another semester back in action, students are lining up to find their niche within the wide array of campus activities.  One of the most well known organizations on any campus comes the experience of Rush and becoming a member of a sisterhood or brotherhood.  Within these groups comes the exciting new world of finding the right sorority or fraternity, meeting new people, and growing as an individual.  Many automatically assume one joins for the partying and seeing who can get drunk the fastest but that’s not always the case.  There are several memberships who, although they do enjoy having a good time, are looking for so much more than the stereotypical conception of drinking and partying until the sun comes up.

One such sorority, Tau Beta Sigma, is composed of a group of sisters who conduct themselves around honorary membership and being a service sorority.  As a service sorority, the members attend the various recital ensembles for the University where they assist in ushering the guests to their proper seats.  Some other projects include projects that benefit the band, various musical ensembles, as well as community function like Relay for Life.  They also come together with fundraisers such as yard sales to help benefit not only their sorority, but the community as well.

Some things to consider before one joins include grades, maintaining a 2.2 or higher GPA, being a part of some musical activity for a semester, whether that be concert band, wind ensemble,  jazz ensemble, or marching band.

Ashley Furman, when asked what she loves so much about Tau Beta Sigma she responded saying, “Naturally, I’m not a big drinker,” said BU student, Ashley Furman. “I love the bond in that I’ve made with my sisters in Tau Beta Sigma, and that the sorority is more about serving.  I just wish we had more members.  Right now we have about seven members, along with our three members who are conditional, meaning they can attend functions but they don’t have the ability to vote.”

There are many other sororities that feature similar actions where their main focus centers on group projects and giving back to the community.  Other sororities, as well as fraternities, who engage within service projects and educational agendas, include the sorority Delta Epsilon Beta and fraternity, Alpha Phi Omega.  Of course, there are those sororities and fraternities who enjoy partying hard as well as serving; it all depends on the personalities of those rushing and finding the right family to become a part of.