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Rock Filled Greetings for David Cook


Season seven of American Idol ended with the contestant who brought rock to the stage and fame to the name of David Cook. As the lights faded on the American Idol stage, Cook’s single reached the top of the charts making him one of the biggest music stars for both the younger and older generations.

Cook’s fame allowed him to reach destinations across the nation only to be greeted by screaming fans. But on March 16, Cook’s fame lands in the small town of Bloomsburg, thanks to the Bloomsburg Student Concert Committee and CGA who have combined efforts to bring Cook to the University.

“I can’t believe he is coming to Bloomsburg! I’ve been watching and following David Cook since I saw him try out on American Idol,” says Druann Welsh, a university student who is attending the concert.

Welsh was one among the many Bloomsburg University fans who waited in the long line for the tickets. Tickets did not last long after they went on sale.

Jerry Manley, BSCC chairperson said “the David Cook tickets were sold out in two days.”

“I stood in a pretty long line, but it was worth it! Especially when I finally held the tickets in my hands,” says Welsh who waited over 45 minutes just to claim her tickets.

Due to construction in the Haas center, the concert will instead be held in Carver Hall. The space in Carver Hall is smaller compared to Haas or Nelson field house; as a result, tickets were limited and sold fast.

“The interesting story to this concert is how it is being held in Carver Hall due to construction on Haas and limited availability at Nelson. David was looking for a small venue concert and we figured Carver would be perfect,” says Manley.

With the concert in Carver Hall, fans from the university and community will experience Cook’s idea of a small venue concert.

The decision to host a rising star like David Cook came easy to the BSCC members. “Concert Committee chose David Cook because we felt the timing was right with his debut album still riding strong on the charts along with his American Idol popularity,” Manley explains.

“I own his CD. His songs are extremely catchy and inspiring. He’s a great artist. I can’t wait to see him!” says Bloomsburg community member Angela Crossley who is also attending the concert.

Like Welsh, Crossley has followed the American Idol winner’s path through fame.

“I went to the University and now I reside in the town. The timing was perfect for me to see David Cook. I’m really excited,” Crossley added.

But when Crossley was told the concert was being held in Carver instead of Haas she shrugged.

“Carver is pretty small. But I guess the concert will be tighter and it will be easier for everyone to see David Cook. It would have been better in Haas, but I’ll still have fun. I mean, I didn’t even think I would have a chance to see David cook and now I get to see him up close and personal,” Crossley said.

Cook’s concert is the largest concert held at Bloomsburg University this year.

“This is our first sell out since Jimmy Eat World/Paramore so we were very excited,” Manley said after noting the excitement for the planned concert.

With only days away until the concert, fans are growing just as excited as Manley.

“It’s coming so soon! I’m so excited to just be in the crowd and have a good time with my friends,” Welsh says.

Crossley is also growing weary of the wait.

“I just wish Monday would come sooner! I’ve been waiting since I first found out he was coming, which was February, to see him.”

Carver Hall will be packed full of eager fans and screaming excitement.

“We sold roughly 550 tickets so Carver’s gonna be rockin’ to the brim Monday night. From ticket sales it seemed we were able to satisfy fans of David/American Idol along with other concert patrons,” Manley said.

Manley also suggested, “With Haas and Nelson fully renovated next semester/year, look for a major concert event! Look out for any online polls or suggestions we may have to BU students about what bands YOU want to see.”

David Cook is scheduled to perform at Bloomsburg University on Monday, March 16 at 9pm in Carver Hall. Tickets are sold out.