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Recyclemania returns to BU

Students at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania are striving to go above and beyond the previous years’ records in this spring’s Recyclemania.

“Progression is key,” said Vincent DiLoretto, assistant director of facility services. “BU has had a steady increase in each year of participation and we plan to make this year’s results exceed previous ones.”

Recyclemania began Sunday, Jan. 17, at 607 schools representing 49 states, the District of Columbia and Canada. The competition is held to determine who recycles the most per capita, who produces the least amount of waste and who recycles the largest percentage overall. Bloomsburg University, one of 52 participating institutions in Pennsylvania, is taking part in this national event by placing recycling bins outside residence halls and academic buildings to make recycling easier for students, faculty and staff. The competition will end Saturday, March 27.

“Recyclemania is a fun event for students, faculty and staff to reduce waste on campus, plus this is a way for us to become more aware of how important recycling is to our environment,” DiLoretto said, adding that BU has taken part in Recyclemania for three consecutive years.

Events at BU include the Recycling Carnival at Elwell Residence Hall, sponsored by DASL (Developing Ambitious Student Leaders), where the mascot, Recyclone, was introduced. Recyclone will continue throughout the spring semester to educate members of the campus community about the value of recycling and reward anyone he sees properly recycling. Also in conjunction with “green” campus efforts, the university’s food service provider, Aramark, introduced eco-friendly “to-go” containers at Husky Lounge and other dining establishments.

BU started its official recycling program in cooperation with the Bloomsburg Recycling Center in June 1982. The first targeted material for recycling was properly sorted, high-grade white office paper. Today, BU recycles 16 targeted materials, including mixed office paper, glass, plastic, aluminum cans, steel cans, newspaper, cardboard, magazines, journals, catalogs, phone books, hardcover books and paperback books.

Recyclemania began in February 2001 as a challenge between Miami University of Ohio and Ohio University. This year, more than 5 million students and 1.3 million faculty and staff are participating.

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