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Pro-Trump protest this Saturday to fight voter fraud

Conservatives discontent with the results of the 2020 Presidential election are protesting this Saturday against voter fraud

Bloomsburg students received emails around noon today labeled “Community Event Alert” warning of a potential protest this Saturday. While avoiding details, it did brief students on the importance of free speech while instructing to respect COVID-19 precautions. However, the protest is one tackling an especially controversial topic in America right now — voter fraud.

The signature Trumparoo (© 2020 Trumparoo™)

The protest was organized by Trumparoo, a Bloomsburg based social network self described as where “American Patriots can mobilize against the corrupt communist marxist scummy democrats,” as according to their about page. The website also promotes their signature “Trumparoo” plushie, a customizable 16 inch tall plush kangaroo “action figure” which comes with a supplementary pair of “USA boxing gloves.”

The existence of Trumparoo likely does not come as a surprise to any Bloomsburg residents, considering Columbia County’s history as a conservative area. It may be surprising, however, that they are protesting voter fraud considering the area remained red on the ballots, with over 19,000 votes for Donald Trump.

The pro-Trump plush vendor is taking serious action, stating on their site that “all we wanted to do was sell stuffed kangaroos,” but that the results of the 2020 election is forcing a “mobilization,” with Saturday’s protest in downtown being one of their first active showings.

Regardless of one’s political orientation, the website lacks proper fact checking in its condemnations against the “democRATs.” The event information page claims to be police-backed but while Bloomsburg police state to be aware of the event, they do not officially condone the cause and their stance on the protest is the same as any other.

With regard to the event, keep in mind the soaring numbers of COVID-19 cases in Pennsylvania, with over 250,000 cases in the state alone. Wear your mask and practice proper COVID-19 precautions.