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Tips to Surviving the Thanksgiving Feast

“Oh, Mr. Turkey, Mr. Turkey are you getting nice and fat? People eat you on Thanksgiving now what do you think of that? Oh, Mr. Turkey Mr. Turkey have you ever wondered why people eat you on Thanksgiving and not Chicken Pot Pie?!”

Well, you know what Mr. Turkey? You’re not the only one who’s getting fat.

According to WebMD.com, it is a fact that gaining weight during the holiday season is a “national past time.” Check out these top four tips that can help you haveĀ a healthy holiday experience.

1.) Make a schedule of all your meals properly.

2.) Eat Breakfast: Despite popular belief, not eating before you have a big meal doesn’t make you any hungrier.

3.) Even thought it’s a holiday, you should lighten up on the calories, fat, and sugar you put into your holiday dinner.

4.) Keep control of your portions: Don’t over-do it. Limit yourself to smaller portions the first time around, and if you are still hungry, wait twenty minutes for your body to properly digest then rethink if you really want seconds.

Sources: Webmd.com, Google Images.

Co writers: Jeanna Contino & Deanna Kellett