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Obituary for Marlena DiRenzo.

On Dec. 24, 2020, Marlena DiRenzo of Minersville, Pa. lost her life in a car accident at approximately 11:30 a.m. Marlena was a member of the Tri Alpha Honor Society and made Dean’s List nearly every single semester. The loss of this young, beautiful life is mourned by the entire Bloomsburg community.

            However, Marlena was much more than just a high-achieving student. Marlena is a beautiful human being. Intelligent, yes, but her heart is just as big, if not twice as large as her brain. She stood for big things. She protested for Black Lives Matter. She constantly signed petitions and was heavily involved in the political process in the hopes of creating positive change. Marlena was also happy to finally have the chance to vote in a presidential election this year.

            She also had an insanely diverse and, quite frankly, influential music taste. This diversity is clearly shown through every artist on every playlist she made, ranging from Freddie Dredd to Lil Peep to Led Zeppelin to Tiny Meat Gang to $uicideboy$ to Mac Miller to Of Mice & Men to Ariana Grande to Girl in Red to Jhene Aiko. Truly, her taste is one of the most unique of all time.

            Marlena loved those around her deeply. Those of both human and non-human life. No one else’s face lights up quite the same way at the sight of a raccoon or a cat. In fact, every time she took out the trash, she hoped to see a raccoon dumpster diving. It goes without saying that she loved her cat, Charlie, immensely and referred to any black cat she saw as “Charlie” as well.

            Marlena’s best friends, whom she loved and cared for beyond the description of words, had nothing but positive impacts from her life and existence, especially her long-time roommate and best friend, Alexus Beyer, her other best friend (and boyfriend) Dan Smith, and her life-long “sister-from-another-family-but-also-her-birthday-twin,” Leah Eister, who attends Kutztown University. Without question, Marlena was raised in a happy family by two loving, wonderful parents, John and Michelle, who she always looked forward to spending quality time with.

            While Marlena’s life was cut far too short and often we find ourselves cursing the world and painfully grieving, she always made it very clear that she’d want those she loved and those who loved her to be happy and to celebrate her life. She never ceased to be a light in everybody around hers life and she continues to act as such even now. Marlena is more than a local breaking news article or a sad email. She is the most beautiful, kind, funny and intelligent human being of all time. May we keep her memory alive and may her light never fade.