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CU - Bloomsburg Events On Campus Strike

Not Everybody is on Strike

For the most part, the Bloomsburg campus has seen a sudden decline in campus traffic since the beginning of the strike. However, not every professor has decided to join the picket lines. A few faculty members have continued teaching on their normal class schedule. For most, this decision was based on a commitment to the students. Yet, some of the motivation may also be rooted in a distaste for the union itself.

“The union that I am not in takes money from my pay check and lobbies for candidates I vote against,” said one Bloomsburg professor, whom wished to remain anonymous. “Like most things in this society, they are leaning left.”

Students have been instructed by the university to continue to show up to their regularly scheduled classes unless otherwise stated by the instructor, and since most instructors are on strike, not many students are coming to campus. But what about the students whose instructors are not on strike?

“I had 20 of 24 in attendance at my 8 a.m. and 6 of 8 in my 9:30,” said a professor. Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to determine exactly how many professors are still holding classes or how many students are showing up.

As we near the end of the second day of striking, we’re left with many questions about what lies ahead. A popular theory going around campus is that the strike will not survive past the weekend as both sides will feel extreme pressure to finally give in. There have been several Q&A sessions in Haas Center, so if you’re interested, keep an eye out for more.