Mo’ne Says “Everyone Deserves A Second Chance”



After the controversial tweet that got junior third baseman, Joey Casselberry, kicked off of Bloomsburg’s baseball team for calling the 13-year-old Little League World Series athlete Mo’ne Davis a slut, she has responded.

TMZ reported yesterday that Davis and her coach reached out to Bloomburg University in a email to President David L. Soltz asking if Casselberry could be reinstated. Bloomsburg stood firm in its decision because he broke the Code of Conduct.

Bloomsburg issued a statement saying, “her request demonstrates the type of person she is, her level of maturity and the empathy that her family and coach teach her. Bloomsburg University stands firm on our decision; however, his consequences will be reviewed as is common in disciplinary actions like this.”

ESPN interviewed Davis and she responded to the tweet saying, “It hurt on my part, but he hurt even more. If it was me, I would want to take that back. I know how hard he’s worked. Why not give him a second chance.” It just truly shows how forgiving and understanding Davis’ response was to the hurtful tweet.

“Everyone makes mistakes” she went on to say in the interview. Although Casselberry may not be allowed back on the team, it is a lesson to many on what not to say on social media.

Now that Bloomsburg University is on everyone’s radar, does this make our school look bad? Do you think that Bloomsburg’s decision about Casselberry’s dismissal should be reconsidered? Leave a comment below.