Molly Dubs Becomes President of NPC

Molly Dubs was elected president of NPC (National Panhellenic Committee) April 23, 2014. The voting took place at 4 p.m. in the Kehr Union. Although, Molly Dubs did not go against any competitors, she was a perfect fit for the position.

Molly Dubs started out as a freshman at Bloomsburg University and wanted to make a name for herself and wanted to be more than just a student here at Bloomsburg. She started out as an OWL (Orientation Workshop Leader) and then decided to go Greek and rush. Through the Greek process she decided to join Phi Iota Chi (Pixies). She has a done a variety of helpful things for her sorority and continues to impress her sorority and peers with her attributions. Molly has always had a knack for the leadership role and pursues this trait in numerous ways and organizations.

As a sister of Phi Iota Chi and currently vice president of NPC, she has taken on and even bigger role for next year, becoming Bloomsburg’s new NPC president. Molly has put hard work and dedication into getting this involved and holding this position.She said, “I am very honored to be apart of such an amazing organization and I look forward to being president next year.”

She is very good at taking charge of whatever organization she is apart of. Aside from currently being the vice president of NPC and her future position as president in the Fall of 2014, Molly is treasurer of Phi Iota Chi, a new member educator, and NPC representative. She has a lot on her plate, she explained, “I have a great duty to achieve, but I will do all that it takes to be a leader and continue striving to be better.” In becoming a leader there are many tasks to take on and portraying these roles gives the impression that Molly is proactive and ready for the job. She wants to make changes to better Greek life at Bloomsburg University and her sorority. She will make all these necessary changes and follow through with all her promises.