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McCain Finds Support with a Local, Working Woman

John McCain is finding some support with prison guard and substitute teacher Holly Breisch. Choosing between Barack Obama and John McCain was hard for her because she feels that neither is a good candidate.

Breisch feels that they focus too much on money, that politics and money go hand-in-hand. And she doesn’t like that.

She is getting tired of the huge amounts of money that they are spending on  negative ads when they could be spending it to help the country’s financial crisis.

“I feel that Obama is focusing too much of his time on minorities when they already have enough attention and help. He needs to help with the other classes just as much as the minorities” she said.

“Too much money is spent on immigration because they spend it on sending them out of the country and bringing immigrants in,” she said.

Breisch doesn’t agree with Obama’s tax plan and thinks it will hurt middle and working class people.

Breisch said the Iraq War is a pivotal issue and wants to see McCain “finish the job” and bring the troops home slowly.

She currently has a friend serving in Iraq. He told her that the American soldiers would bring the children pencils, crayons, paper, and other supplies and they would all but spit on them because everyone taught the children not to trust the soldiers because they are bad.

Negatives ads from both parties have made the decision between the candidates difficult, obscuring the truth to varying degrees, Breisch said. She wants to hear what the candidate is doing instead of what the other is doing wrong.