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Mark Cable to Perform at 7th Annual Christmas Dinner

Press Release:

mark-cableMark Cable will perform at the 7th Annual JourneyMate Wesleyan Church Christmas Dinner. Mark is an accomplished acoustic guitarist, humorist and songwriter. He has released 21 CDs and his music has been played on Christian radio stations across the U.S. During his career he has had the opportunity to perform on stage at events featuring fellow musicians and speakers such as DC Talk, The David Crowder Band, Twila Paris, Randy Stonehill, and many more. Mark Cable’s insightful everyday-life songs, along with his off the wall sense of humor, have stirred audiences to laugh; to cry; and to think about the things in life that matter most. His “sermon in song” presentations combine biblical insights with everyday life application through his heartfelt song lyrics with real life stories.

The 7th Annual JourneyMate Wesleyan Church Christmas Dinner will be held in memory of Linda Tobias at the Caldwell Consistory on Sunday, Dec. 11. Doors open at noon. JourneyMate’s Service will begin at 12:30 pm followed by the Christmas Dinner downstairs in the main dining hall. Admission is free and open to the public.

Each year the JourneyMate Wesleyan Church Christmas Dinner serves approximately 300-500 individuals and their families. To volunteer your time, or for more information please contact JourneyMate Wesleyan Church by phone at 570.764.7985 or by E-Mail at tcarney@ptd.net.