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Local Businesses Help out Fair Vendors

Local businesses are doing their part and helping out the annual Bloomsburg Fair vendors.  Businesses along Rt. 11 have invited the vendors to set up shop from Saturday, Sept. 24 to Sunday, Oct. 2 in an attempt to help them make up for lost revenue due to the fairs cancelation.  The stands will be open daily from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m

It’s no secret that one of the most popular fair vendors is Vince’s Cheesesteaks. “We have been coming to the fair for 35 years and our business gets bigger every year,” said owner of the beloved food stand, Vince Cocca.  He went on to say that he takes the success for what it is. Cars pull over alongside the road just for the cheesesteaks.

Cancellation of the fair hit not only the vendor’s revenue, but their suppliers pocket as well. “It is a trickle down affect,” Vince continued. “I will lose at least ten percent of my revenue which affects my suppliers, I cannot hire people, and the community also suffers.”

He went on to say that the business is good, however, and he is happy with the turnout he is getting.

Aside from making up some of their lost revenue, the vendors are also pitching in to help the flood victims of the community and to thank them for past patronage.

“25 percent of my proceeds go to AGAPE and ten percent will go to the fair committee,” said Sheri Bissinger of Bissingers Apple and Peach Dumplings.  AGAPE is a faith-based mission which provides services to the community.

Both Cocca and Bissinger agree that the fair did the right thing by cancelling the event.

“They are wise in looking out for the community and recuperating from the recent disaster,” said Cocca.  He went on to say that he will be bringing his locally appraised cheesesteaks to the mini-fair being planned in October.


**Editors Note: Information and Interviews provided by Tonia Adams