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Learning to Give

To make sure this year’s Bocce Bash goes off with a bang, the fund raising efforts have already begun.  The event is Bloomsburg University’s Special Olympics yearly tournament, held in the Nelson Field House on October 19 this year.

The day long event is free to the participants and families traveling from several counties throughout Pa.  Funds go towards food, crafts, games, and clean up.  Students volunteer to help ref games and watch the different stations.

Kat Samuels, Junior, a volunteer at last year’s bash said, “It was a really good experience, and very rewarding.”

The students credited for the fund raiser are Dr. Richard Ganahl’s Public Relations Cases and Problems class. To better market their efforts, they created the name Bocce Ballers, along with the logo, “Lets Ball Out for the Special Olympics.”

“It gets students practical application on raising funds, and there are a number of neat events,” said Ganahl, while explaining the student’s various money making strategies.

The main event for the Bocce Ballers is a Bocce tournament. It will take place on the quad, April 19 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. The tournament is $20 for a group of four and is open to all students.  Entertaining games will be going on while players wait, and prizes will be awarded to the winning team.

Other ways the students plan to raise money is by setting up a page dedicated to the Bocce Ballers on Indigogo, a web page that allows anyone to raise money or donate, canning during Bloomsburg’s Renaissance Fair, and selling baked goods at sporting events.

The Bocce Ballers have set a $2,000 goal and hope to reach it before the end of the semester. More detailed information can be found on the Bocce Ballers’ Facebook page, as well as their Twitter.

Some past fundraisers instructed by Ganahl include, “Flood Buddies,” where students donated to the recent flood victims, and “Hope for Hannah” sending a little girl diagnosed with cancer to Hawaii, after partnering with the Make a Wish program, and raising $1,600.

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