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LaDy GaGa Shows around us!

September 14 @ Wacov Center 800 PM

September 15 @ Wacov Center 800 PM

As we all have noticed, whether we want to or not, Lady Gaga has become one of the most well-known artists to ever walk. She is a glamorous icon and a true love to many of her listeners and of course, her fans. “You might as well learn to love her because she isn’t going anywhere soon.” She is an eccentric and intelligent artist- someone who steps out of the boring box and shows us there is simply nothing wrong with expressing your personality in “abnormal” ways. Since I consider myself a true fan I’ll be posting updates about Ms. Gaga on a weekly basis. If you share the love for Gaga as I do you’ll appreciate it, if you really could care less, well I don’t know what you tell you. =)

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