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Journalism workshop to host ‘Talk of the Town (Hall)’

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — Between parking and partying, college students and locals share common concerns over what happens in town. To give them a chance to voice their concerns to those potentially in power, Bloomsburg University’s journalism workshop class will host a town forum tomorrow night, Oct. 22. 

Led by mass communications faculty member, John-Erik Koslosky, the class of upper-level mass communications and political science students invites you to attend “Talk of the Town (Hall): Ft. Council Candidates & Mayoral Hopefuls.”  

The town hall will take place in the Kehr Union Ballroom and will be broken up into two parts. 

At 6:30 p.m., town council candidates will kick off the discussion. Attending candidates are Toni Trumbo-Bell, Vince DeMelfi, Jared Harris, and Jim Huber. Carey Howell is running for re-election but will not be in attendance. 

Then, mayoral candidates Bill Kreisher and Eric Bower will take the floor at 7:30 p.m. 

Students and residents will have the opportunity to interact with candidates during these times and hear how they respond prior to the Nov. 5 general election.  

By hosting this event, the workshop students hope to increase awareness of local politics and voter turnout. Topics of discussion may include parking, drug laws, Block Party, and town-gown relations. 

The Kehr Union Ballroom is located on the fourth floor of BU’s Kehr Union Building. The event is free, and the audience may come dressed as they would like. 

Additionally, the event’s playful name aims to relax the candidates and audience in order to facilitate a better discussion. 

Come out and drop the mic with six candidates looking to win your vote this November!

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