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Janine Penman announces candidacy for State Representative

*Editor’s note: This is a press release furnished by the candidate’s office.

Seeks to be First Female Representative of the 109th District

BLOOMSBURG – Columbia County native Janine Penman announced that she is seeking the Republican nomination for the 109th State House District.

Penman is the first female Republican candidate in more than 35 years to seek this seat and the only female in a crowded primary field. She has gained the support of Bloomsburg University professor, Dr. Neil Strine, who is the Chair of her campaign committee and is officially endorsed by the Bloomsburg University College Republicans.

Dr. Strine noted, “I think it is significant that Janine is the first female Republican candidate to seek this post in more than 35 years and the only female candidate in the current Republican primary race (out of three men) for the 109th district.”

Penman is hosting a meet and greet campaign event, “Pinot with Penman” tomorrow, Saturday, April 23 from noon to 4 p.m. at Three Dogs Vino winery, Hidlay Church Road in Bloomsburg.  There will be a food truck and cornhole games. All are welcome!

The current representative for the 109th district, David Millard, is retiring after 18 years in the Pa. House, and Penman hopes to take over.

“I want to thank Rep. Dave Millard for his dedication to this community over the last 18 years,” Penman said. “Dave’s staff will be a valuable asset to me as I move forward as the next State Representative, and I am hopeful that his staff will want to continue working with me.”

Public Service, Not Lip Service.

“I’m running to put the service back in public service,” Penman said. “Our district needs someone fearless in Harrisburg who understands the needs of the people she represents; someone with the energy, experience, and grit to produce results for all of Columbia County that will not always be easy to come by.”

Penman is a small business owner and consultant who has advised some of the most innovative companies in the medical and pharmaceutical field. She now advises biotech startups, guiding them through the responsible development of safe treatments that fill significant unmet medical needs.

“I worked my way through Penn State and earned a master’s degree from Temple, but it doesn’t take multiple degrees to know that our government is broken,” Penman said. “It is about time that someone gave us a voice and stood up for us for a change.”

Penman has pledged to stand up for the people and the values of our area if elected. She vows to prioritize issues that matter to everyday families like creating jobs by uplifting local businesses, improving education through empowering parents and standing up to runaway government spending and mandates.

“Who we send to Harrisburg matters,” Penman said. “I will fight for changes that empower parents. I will be an advocate for growing our economy and limiting inflation. Most importantly, I will stand up to the politicians who want to enact tax increases and government mandates.”

Penman is a graduate of Central Columbia High School. She went on to get her degree from Penn State and her graduate degree from Temple University. She serves as a member of the Columbia County GOP Committee and has served on numerous boards, including chairperson of the Friends of Bloomsburg Town Pool, the Bloomsburg Historical Architecture Review Board and Shade Tree Commission.