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Interview with Bloomsburg’s First Miss NAACP: Rebecca Jacob

On Friday Oct. 5, the Bloomsburg’s NAACP club crowned Rebecca Jacob the first Bloomsburg Miss NAACP at their first annual NAACP pageant. The pageant had multiple rounds including typical pageant rounds where the girls wore evening gowns, but also had rounds where the girls would dress up as an inspirational black female from history and explain why they were so important.

Here follows an interview with Jacobs after her victory.

What is the NAACP to you?

“For me, the NAACP is a sign of hope, that there can still be justice even with all the injustices going on as they continue the ongoing battle to ensure people of colour get the equality that was their constitutional right.”

How did it feel when you won?

“When I won I was very shocked. Took a while for me to register it. But I was very proud that I stepped out of my comfort zone. I was happy to just take part in the pageant but wining was a bonus.”

What will your role be as miss NAACP?

“I am now the face of the NAACP at Bloomsburg University. One of my roles would be to be NAACP events at all times. But also to host my own events as well.”

How hard was the preparation for the pageant and what did you do to prepare?

“There were several things that I had to do to prepare for the pageant. It was very difficult as I had exams and assignments that same week. We had to practice until 10pm even as late as 11pm on some nights. A lot of things were last minute as I didn’t have time to practise my speeches, and there was one round where we were asked questions without being told what they would be beforehand.”

What was your favourite part of the pageant?

“My favourite part was when I stepped into the pageant room without my wig and shoes. A lot of people kept telling me how confident I must have been, but I was so nervous to do it. Yet, I was happy to represent where I am from. I may not have been born in Zimbabwe, but I am African first, British second.”

Miss NAACP featuring her friends celebrating Rebecca’s victory.