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Incredible Popcorn Jumps into the Limelight

Think you’ve seen everything Bloomsburg has to offer? Well, here’s something not so new that has managed to stay quiet for the most part, but it is ready to break out of its shell.

Incredible Popcorn.

The name says so much, but still doesn’t give it the credit it deserves. Incredible Popcorn is located on Old Berwick Road in Bloomsburg! The options here are endless, and it doesn’t stop at popcorn.

The popcorn flavor options are endless, from the typical caramel corn to beer flavored. The website has a complete list of flavors, but here are just a few:

New Flavors

-Philly Cheesesteak

-John the Greek Gyro

-Loaded Baked Potato

-Soft Pretzel

-Cheddar Ale

-Apple Pie

-Chocolate Covered Cherry

-Thin Mint

Signature Flavors


-Caramel with Peanuts


-Old Fashion Pink Popcorn

The small business sells a large selection of candy, chocolates (including chocolate covered bacon), homemade ice cream, and within the past three weeks they’ve added cookie dough!

The addition of cookie dough to the menu has been the latest hit for Bloomsburg University students.  The employees suggested eating it by itself in a cup or a bowl, or adding it to a scoop of their homemade ice cream. The flavors of cookie dough are as follows:

-Chocolate Chip

-Sugar Cookie


-Peanut Butter Cup

-Reese’s Pieces


Something that completely sets this small business apart from any others is their incredible service and accommodating staff. On a Facebook post introducing cookie dough, a customer asked about a specific popcorn flavor. The administrator for the Incredible Popcorn account responded that it was seasonal, but they can make it for them.

Another customer mentioned they wish they had different hours, Incredible Popcorn responded, “If you give us time we will open the store so you can pick up your order and shop. We try to be very accommodating with our customers.”

My names Kendyl. I'm a senior at Bloomsburg University. I am studying Mass Communications with a track in Public Relations. I'm a big supporter of our Bloomsburg Huskies athletics especially basketball and lacrosse!