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How to Avoid Sick Days

I would rather schedule my own sick days than have a pesky cold choose when I can and cannot make it out of bed. This time of year is when you start hearing people coughing and sniffling, instead of texting during class.

You will also notice numerous seats empty in class rooms, and more people curling into bed before midnight. When you live, eat, work, and study with so many other people, while sharing limited space- it is hard NOT to get sick.

No matter how independent and wonderful it feels to be out from under your parents roof, whenever you get sick and you find yourself alone for the first time- I promise you will be whining for your mommy!

So here are a few tips to avoid getting sick while at college and a list to take with you on your next Wal Mart run:
1 ) Wash your hands. I know that sounds like common sense, but try to wash your hands and any towel you use near or on your face. The towel that you use to wash your face everyday could be getting you sick.
2 ) Get a flu shot – The flu is no fun and can put you out of class, work and weekend fun. You need a flu shot every year.
3 ) Use Lysol disinfectant on everything – if you or your roommate is sick, you should spray Lysol (or some generic brand) disinfectant on everything one would touch, this will help kill germs that could get you sick at college
4 ) Lysol Wipe Your Phone! Believe it or not your beloved phone has more germs than a toilet seat! Between your book bag, purse and pockets- not to mention being so close to your mouth, it is a jungle gym for germs.
5 ) Don’t share cups or glasses – you never know if someone just got sick, so if you play beer pong, set up brand new cups, and don’t share drinks with friends.
6 ) Try not to hook up with too many people – every person you hook up with is multiplying your chances of getting sick. Try to limit yourself until the cold season is over.
7 ) Listen to your Body. If you feel tired, take a nap (or at least lay down and rest). If you’re hungry, don’t put off eating. Your body knows what it needs—so listen to it!
8 ) Eat healthy foods. Your body needs vitamins and minerals, not to mention substance to fight off germs. So instead of the Doritos grab fruit or peanuts for a snack. Oh and drink water. LOTS of water
9 ) Get More Sleep. Chances are you aren’t getting enough sleep. That seems to be how it works. If you’re sick, you need to sleep more so your body has time to recover.

Grocery Store “Get Better Soon” List :
Vitamin C tablets
Lysol wipes
Day/night cold medicine
Hand sanitizer