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2008 Election CU - Bloomsburg

History in the Making






History in the Making

By: Kelly Frazier

            The biggest news story as of today is the 2008 United States Presidential Election. Many people are looking forward to getting their voice heard and casting their votes for either Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain.

            Today, the people of Bloomsburg are traveling to four different locations in order to cast their vote. These four places consist of the Magee Center, located on 700 Main Street, the Firehall, located on 911 Market Street, the Town Hall located on 301 East Main Street, and the Kehr Union, located on Bloomsburg University’s lower campus. Hundreds, if not thousands of people are making their way out to be a part of history in the making.

            Many people on the Bloomsburg University campus believe that the election is going to be very close. However, they also believe that the result of the election is going to be based on the younger generation.

            First time voter, sophomore Business major Ian Gebhard, is happy that the day is finally here. He believed that the presidential election was becoming redundant and he was getting really fed up with all of the commercials that were made to bash the other running mate. Today, Gebhard knows that his vote could make a difference and he could possibly make one candidate win over the other. While waiting in line for over and hour and a half at the Kehr Union, Gebhard announced that Obama was his choice. He loves everything Obama represents and thinks that he will make a great president for the next four years.

            Gebhard strongly agrees with Obama’s plan to pull out of Iraq as do many other peers. Gebhard says, “Obama’s withdrawal plan is better and the right decision because he doesn’t want the troops in there anymore.” He later said that he feels this way because he has a lot of friends who are currently fighting in the war. Nevertheless, Gebhard also supports Obama’s moral issue. Gebhard says, “Obama is not trying to have the government legislative morality like McCain is.”

So who will it be, Barack Obama or John McCain?