The children of Columbia and Montour counties experienced yet another year without Kidsburg, also known as “everybody’s playground”, in Bloomsburg’s Town Park. Built and enjoyed for over 20 years, the floods in 2011 caused by Hurricane Irene destroyed the playground.

That’s where Kidsburg 2.0 comes in, to pick up the pieces. It is a volunteer community group operating under the non-profit 501(c)(3) status of the Bloomsburg Town Park Improvement Association. The organization functions for the sole purpose of the children from near and far to have a place to get out and play.

The children helped design the new playground, which will now include pirate ship and tree house themed equipment that is more sustainable and moved to higher grounds in case of future flooding, and a more accessible design for all children to be able to play together.

Kidsburg 2.0 cannot do it alone; they need volunteers and donors to make these children’s dreams become a reality again. So far, there has been over $200,000 donated for the rebuild, which is scheduled to begin in the spring of 2014, but are still in need in order to complete the entire plan for Kidsburg.

If met, the park will include all access handicapped ramps to all locations of the park, dynamo spinning net climbers and one climber with attached slide, more panels for accessible pirate ship and tree house structure and enhanced tuned instrument music area.

Kidsburg is looking for volunteers for future events to be planned for the year and to help build the park. Volunteers and donations of all types are welcome, from baking for an event to face painting and entertaining children during the build. Kidsburg solely runs on the volunteers, and needs help!

If interested in volunteering at future events or the build, interested in our upcoming news e-mails or for more information contact:

Stephanie Della Torre

Kidsburg 2.0 Intern

You can also visit the website for more info at: