With the new school year just around the corner, are you considering going Greek?

Should I be Greek? Or Should I not be Greek?

This is a question that crosses every student’s mind at one point or another during their time attending college. It’s also a topic that a wide range of people have an opinion about. For all who may not know, becoming a part of a Greek organization has many benefits. Along with these benefits there are many responsibilities. So drop the red party cup and have a listen.

Did you know joining a Greek organization requires paying semester dues? Dues are a fee that all members must pay. Local organization’s dues are usually less expensive. However national organizations hold more popularity at other colleges and in your future.

Brigid Sullivan, Megan Sell, Kristina Rosario, Kristen Murrary, Heather Gallagher

Each organization has an executive board. This board consists of active members who are in charge of the sorority or fraternity as a whole to maintains order. Each position is important, and every Greek organization follows the rules that were created by its founders. Each member should follow their organizations amendments as well as be a part of all the traditions that are passed down. Many things that are done today were done by the founders and make the organizations history worth knowing.

Michele Leo, previous president of Chi Theta Pi said, “ Being on the executive board was a lot of work but I enjoyed every second of it. It looks good on my resume and it also helped me get closer to my sorority because I was the one everyone would come to.”

Lastly, every member must be a part of recruitment. It is single handedly one of the most important parts of being in a sisterhood or brotherhood. What’s a Greek life organization without any happy new members? As freshmen not everyone knows this information beforehand. Unless you rush; this is done differently for both males and females. Not everything with Greek is a party nor should it be treated like it.

Did you know joining a Greek organization requires: doing community service monthly, attending school meetings and functions, attending weekly meetings within your own organization, and lastly being a role model for the younger members.

“ I love everything about being a new member, I’m happy I rushed. These are the girls I want my college memoriesto be with.” – Lijia Perez

Being a part of a Greek sorority or fraternity is more than the letters worn on their chest and the weekly mixers they throw and attend. What being a part of a Greek sorority or fraternity really is, is a bond that you hold for the next four years with each other as a sister/brotherhood and as a fully working and running organization. So next time that certain question crosses your mind, know the facts. Truth is being Greek is not for everyone, but being Greek might be for you.