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Gift Ideas for Your Sweet Heart!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, a primary concern for men and women everywhere is what to get their significant other. It is especially difficult for college students due to having a low budget to spend. Who wants to spend money on a gift that their special someone may not like? No need to fret! Advice based on previous articles and interviews with young men/women will help regarding picking out a special gift whether it be for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, Christmas or for any other reason.

Step 1: The Card
Many claim that they feel that a card is the most important part of a gift. The card is what expresses the love one has for another. People don’t always have the chance to say the way they feel everyday of the year, and holidays are an opportunity for one to pour their heart out onto paper.

Most women have a soft spot for sentimentality, as well as men. While it’s important that the card says something extremely sweet, it’s more important that what YOU write is sweet. Millions of people worldwide are being given the same card written by the same stranger, but writing something unique and personal makes the difference. An even better idea – make the card! You don’t have to be Pablo Picasso to make a cute card that a person will appreciate and find absolutely adorable! Tell him/her how much you care, and make sure to reminisce about fun times you’ve had together, and squeeze in some inside jokes too! (Nicknames, spontaneous quotes etc…)

Step 2: The Gift
The rule of thumb is that women typically prefer sentimental gifts, and men usually prefer something more practical. However, there are exceptions to this rule. A great way to save money and make a woman happy is to  buy a picture frame and get it engraved, buy a cute teddy bear saying “I love you” or make a scrap-book filled with pictures, quotes and memories shared together. If you have extra money to spare, women will almost always love engraved jewelry (necklaces, bracelets etc.).

Although roses and chocolates are sweet, they have become cliche over the years. Sticking to tradition is cool, but many women would also prefer to get something personalized as well.

Men frequently prefer to receive something they could put to good use. Believe it or not, socks and underwear are often a great idea! (Don’t take it too far, they don’t need to have pink hearts on them). Men can almost always use a new shirt, hat, technological device or their favorite movie/show on DVD. Along with a practical gift, a sentimental gift at the side is recommended as well whether it be a hand-made card, picture frame, “love coupons,” etc.

Step 3: The other stuff…
You want the card/gift to be presentable when being given to the person you care for. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to wrap it neatly or put it in a cute gift bag. If you choose a gift bag, tissue paper is always a good idea. Appearing to have put in effort will score major points, and the extra few bucks and few minutes should be worth the person you love.

The way you spend the night is also very important. Aside from material things, building memories that will last forever is extremely important. Buy some snacks and watch a movie together, take him/her to their favorite restaurant, or spend a night in the city. Something even more recommendable would be to take that special person to somewhere they’ve told you they love – or that favors a past-time of theirs. Doing this will show you listen to them when they talk, and that you’re willing to spend time with them doing their favorite things. (i.e – If your girlfriend loves animals, take her to the ‘Rainforest Cafe’, or take your boyfriend to his favorite band’s concert.) Gifts rot, break, and get lost but memories last forever!

Make the best of the day you spend with that special person, whether it be Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year. Just remember, always be genuine in both the things you say and do. Along with this, show the people you love how much they mean to you everyday… not just on the significant days of the year.