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Force Does Leaps and Bounds

Force does leaps and bounds!

Christina Force is a loving mother and wife to her four children and husband Dave, but it is what she does in her spare time that sets her apart from the rest.

Force grew up in Berwick Pennsylvania with her mother, father, sister Nicole and brother Fred. She grew up in an Italian household, and with it came her love for Italian food. Force said, “Well seeing how I am Italian, my favorite food has got to be spaghetti.” She grew up in a very close knit family and she portrays that on her own family.

With her four kids she stays busy all the time. Stone is the oldest at 11 while Makayla is 9, Leighton who is 6, and Giuliana who is 3. She has got her hands full. They all do after school activities. Stone does wrestling, basketball, football, soccer, and band. While Makayla is active in soccer and swimming, Leighton does swimming and gymnastics, and with Geuliana being 3, she just gets to go along for the ride.

Christina Force

While taking care of all of her kids activities. She still has time to work can you believe it! She works full time at the Southern Columbia Area High School in Catawissa, Pa. She teaches Accounting I, Accounting II, Marketing, Introduction to Business, Business Law, Life Skills, and Computer Applications. She also works part time at Bloomsburg University teaching Introduction to Business on Monday and Wednesday nights from six to nine p.m.  She is also the co-owner with her husband Dave’s business that sells military surplus.

When she is not teaching at Southern Columbia, or teaching at Bloomsburg University at nights, she is taking classes at Wilkes University pursuing her Doctor of Education (Ed.D) in Educational Leadership.

Although her days sound busy enough, it gets even busier when you put it all into perspective. She gets up at 5 a.m. every morning, packs 5 lunches, leaves for work at the high school at 6:30,  teaches at the high school from 7:30-3, then she teaches night classes from 6-9 on Monday and Wednesday nights, and then she is also taking classes at Wilkes University for her Doctorate. Busy, busy woman wouldn’t you say?

Can you believe she still has spare time? She loves to play with her kids when she has time. She plays with them on the wii, or playing some guitar hero. She likes to play bowling and boxing with the kids. Force said, “My daughter Giuliana will knock me out sometimes, she is so good at boxing!”  Whoever said that video games are for kids, you were wrong, Christina Force would prove you wrong. She loves to play guitar hero. “I am awesome, awesome at guitar hero,” said Force. She even plays on the hard level. She loves to karaoke and sing her heart out. She also loves to dance.

When she is not spending time with her kids or working she has a few hobbies of her own she loves to work on. She loves to build memories one page at a time when she does her scrapbooking. Of course you know by now, her scrapbooks are about her kids and her family, but still it’s a time for her to just relax and have fun. If you didn’t think she could be any more active, she loves to walk.

If you didn’t think a woman’s schedule could get any more hectic, there is more. She is also one of the prom advisors at the high school, and she is a FBLA (future business leaders of America) advisor. If you couldn’t tell she is full of life and loves to stay busy with all her different activities.

It’s not Christina Force’s activities or schedule that makes her do leaps and bounds over most people, but it’s the way she still finds time for herself while being a great loving mother to her four children, and a loving wife to her husband Dave.