First Bloomsburg Student Nominated for MTI Award

Photo credit: Micah Wagman

Kali Morgia, a junior theater and mass communications major, was recently nominated for the Musical Theatre Intensive (MTI) Scholarship award for her role in Bloomsburg University Players’ musical, “Be More Chill.”

Morgia, who played the Squip in the show, a traditionally male lead, is the first Bloomsburg student to be nominated for this award. Several other students, including Noah Eisengrein, Arianna Birnbrauer, and Helen Allison, were nominated through the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival for the Irene Ryan award.

Kali Morgia plays the Squip in “Be More Chill.”

In the last play she did at Bloomsburg, “Good Kids,” Morgia was nominated for the Irene Ryan award.

Morgia will perform at the festival in January for both nominations.

“I do think having a pants role helped me,” says Morgia.

“I sang almost all of the music in the original key and it was written for a guy. So, they got to see my lower range, and I think that helped me stand out.”

Morgia will remember “Be More Chill” as a bonding experience between herself, the cast, and the crew.

“We were like family,” she says.

Playing the Squip was Morgia’s favorite role, followed by being Amber in “Good Kids.”

The goal for this Bloomsburg student is Broadway, and she recently auditioned for “Dear Evan Hansen.”

“I definitely want to stay in theatre. Maybe I’ll get my masters and teach theatre, but definitely theatre.”

Morgia’s next role will be in Bloomsburg University’s production of “Everybody” as a Somebody. This is a role that is picked by lottery every night before the show. Morgia must have the entire script memorized and could possibly play a different part every performance.

Morgia’s audition song for “Dear Evan Hansen.”