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2008 Election CU - Bloomsburg

First Time Voting, Still Undecided

Kacy Friend is excited to be voting for her first time on Tuesday. Her only issue is that she has not yet decided whom she will be voting for. 

“It’s so important for people to vote in this election,” she said as she flipped through a pamphlet about both McCain and Obama. Her mother had given her the pamphlet for her to learn more about where each candidate stands on the issues. 

Although she has not committed to a candidate, she does have an Obama sticker on her binder. “I’m still deciding based on where each candidate stands on education and standardized testing,” Kacy said. She is a junior and an Elementary and Special Education Major here at Bloomsburg.



Kacy Friend holds up a pamphlet on the presidential candidates
Kacy Friend holds up a pamphlet on the presidential candidates


Knowing how indecisive Kacy can be, her mom mailed her the pamphlet on the candidates so she has a better understanding of who will represent her best. “I’m a registered Democrat but that doesn’t mean I’m going to vote for the Democratic candidate, Obama.”

She has already received information from students on campus who have been handing out papers on the candidate they are trying to get votes for. 

“The political clubs on campus have been very helpful with information about the candidates and also on how to register and where to go to vote,” Kacy said. 

This election is expected to get a lot of votes from Generation Y, as most of them will be voting for a presidential candidate for their first time. “I think a lot of college students will be out voting because they realize how much the outcome will impact them.” 

“I know it’s the night before but I’m so torn,” she said as she laughed and threw her hands up in the air. “I honestly don’t think I will have made my decision until I walk into the booth tomorrow.” 

She took out a McCain/Palin card she received on her way to class and put it on her desk. “I know my one vote isn’t going to decide who is going to win but I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that still hasn’t made up their mind yet.”