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2008 Election CU - Bloomsburg

False Information Aimed at Voters

Across America there have been reports of people and groups trying to confuse voters in today’s election.  Newsletters, e-mails and robo-calls have been sent out stating that voting times and days have been changed in an effort to thwart voters from getting to the polls and voting for their candidate.
Some of these accounts have been linked to many republican minded groups trying to ensure a McCain/Palin victory.  The groups are focusing on college campuses in efforts to confuse the young voters who make up a huge percentage of this elections democratic constituency.  In Colorado a delegate to the Republican National Convention admitted to mistakenly publishing information that was incorrect.  This statement came only after The Colorado Democratic Party confronted the opposing party about the incident.
This is just one in a series of false newsletters that have been circulating on campuses all over.  On the Virginia Tech campus a county official started circulating memos stating that any student registered from out of state could be endangering their scholarships and health insurance.  These are just a few of the attempts made by various groups and agencies in the United States, as if the slander the two candidates have been firing back and forth hasn’t dissuaded voters enough.
Despite all of these efforts to confuse and manipulate voters, this election has seen a huge growth in young voters registering.  This is going to be a Nation changing election that will also affect the rest of the world.  Hopefully everyone gets out to vote because your voice does matter.  Our country needs a change and it needs to happen now under united people.  We need to come together as a group and as a government to right the wrongs our last president will leave behind.  And remember, Election Day is today, no matter where you are in this country.  GO VOTE!