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Episode 2: Are you feelin’ this?

What is the key to a good relationship? Is it looks, popularity, or how good of a kisser they are? Unless you’re really superficial, then the most important ingredient in the relationship batter is going to be compatibility.

Everyone at some point has gotten the play-by-play from their friend after returning from a hot date. The conversation usually starts out somewhat like this-
You: “Hey how’d it go man?”
Your Friend: “It was awesome, we’re probably going to get married,”
or if compatibility was an issue…
Your Friend: “It was almost comparable to Hurricane Katrina.”

It’s usually pretty clear from the moment you meet a potential crush whether it is going to work or not. If there’s an impenetrable wall blocking the vibes, then there could be some serious issue down the road. However, if this situation occurs, the probability of a second date is slim.
When you finally work up the Superman-like courage to talk to that “babe,” things should feel almost natural. There are some ancient and unwritten pseudo-laws that can help you draw the line between a perfect-match and a Mt. Vesuvius, ready to explode.

There should definitely be a near-instant connection to help thwart any dysfunction. It should seem as if you have met this person before, like in a dream, but in the least creepy way possible.
A minimal amount of awkwardness during conversations is also a must. This means no one is looking aimlessly around for a possible conversation jump-starter.

Try to find some things in common, because this could be the difference between going to watch a baseball game together on the weekend, or going to a crochet class to make up for the argument that was “your fault.”

The wisdom of the ancients can only carry you so far up the mountain however. The bulk of the work is on your shoulders. Trying to spark a relationship can be a tireless ordeal but can be seriously awesome. It’s best to try to get off on the right foot.

The most important thing when getting to know someone, whether it’s for dating reasons, or even an interview, or catching up with an old friend, is finding a way to connect. Without any connection or energy vibes emanating from your living-breathing bodies, the conversation is, without a doubt, a dud.

Talking about things that you both agree on sets the tone, and usually spurs on plenty of other conversation. If there’s a hideously disfigured animal standing near your meeting spot in the woods; that would be a good ice breaker for any situation. The key is to avoid the storied and dreaded “awkward silence.” If everything goes to plan, you will have gone from almost complete strangers walking through the forest, to adding her number to your little black book.

The grand finale of important things to do when dealing with women is keeping your cool. Women can smell fear from a mile away, like sharks, only prettier and a little bit less scary. I’m fairly confident that any guy from a Bloomsburg University student to George Clooney or 50 Cent would agree with me on this, because staying cool and keepin’ it real are the keys to success.