*Editor’s Note: This article was submitted to BUnow by English & Literature Major Sarah M. Goulet*

Interested in hearing more about the English Department’s faculty and students?  Want to stay updated on English-related events, groups, and scholarship opportunities?

If you are, there is a new blog for all of these needs: The Bloomsburg University English Blog.  This semester, the English department created a new internship focused on promoting Bloomsburg English events (and students). As the blog progresses, the plan is to focus on the opportunities and stories that get under-promoted or missed.

Currently, the focus will be on a student or faculty interview every week, as well as updates on upcoming events and activities from groups such as the NCTE counsel, the Writing and Literacy Engagement Studio (WALES), and others. The blog will also promote upcoming English-related panels and submission opportunities for research papers and creative writing.

If successful, this may become a continuing internship opportunity for other English majors down the road!

If you are interested, follow us by email; any feedback is appreciated.  What do you want to see more of?  What is helpful about the blog?  Have an event that needs covered? Feel free to reach out and make comments!


Link: bloomuenglish.blogspot.com