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Dr. Moschgat’s legacy at Bloomsburg

A professor can choose the way they impact their students. They may show up and do their job – teach. But, at the end of the day, they can choose to stop there. Dr. Moschgat did teach, and he taught well – with passion and enthusiasm. But he also went miles beyond that. Bloomsburg University has lost a professor who’s personality makes people want to attend class. The school has lost a teacher who knows how to connect to his advisees. The world has lost a man with amazing shoes.

On Saturday, July 25, Dr. Moschgat passed away unexpectedly. Since 2013, he had worked as an associate professor for BU for the departments of sociology, social work, and criminal justice.

In an email to Bloomsburg University staff, the president addressed Dr. Moschgat’s passing saying, “Bob’s sense of humor and vast academic and administrative knowledge will be irreplaceable.  He was devoted to his craft, put the needs of his students ahead of his own, and spent countless hours getting to know them, teach them, and counsel them as they prepared for life beyond college.”

Many students turned to social media to say how Dr. Moschgat was their favorite professor at Bloomsburg, even if they had only had him once.

“[Dr. Moschgat] most definitely was the driving factor as to why I made the decision to pursue my BA in Criminal Justice and not regret a second of it,” says a former student on Facebook. “He made learning fun, interesting, and always gave a twist to each lesson inside and out of the classroom.”

Another student describes him as, “hilarious, goofy, and overall an amazing person.” She thanks him for the “positive impact” he had on the students at Bloomsburg and the kindness that he showed to everyone.

Those who were lucky enough to know Dr. Moschgat will never forget the influence he had on their lives.