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Enthusiasm Runs High On Election Night

The sun is beginning to set on one of the most important days for our country.  Even though it is late in the evening, volunteers are still in full gear.  Inside and outside Kehr Union, the common phrase, “Did you vote today?” seems to come from all directions.

The long lines don’t seem to discourage the young and eager voters.  Many students proudly come out from the polls after two hours of patiently standing in line.

Alex Paoletti, a junior from Sellersville, PA, and a volunteer University Democrat, was in the hot spot for last minute efforts to get the word out to vote.   Even though he just started volunteering a few days ago, he had no problem voicing his opinions, concerns, and reassuring the weary about the importance to just get out and vote. 

“I am a big fan of Obama’s Health Care policy as well as the fact that he supports clean energy research.  He is really starting to pay attention to the middle class,” he explained.

Paoletti seems pleased the number of students making the effort to vote is very high.  “It is totally worth having a few people annoyed with me out here.  The outcome is affecting who our next leader is, so it doesn’t bother me at all,” he says.

He wasn’t alone though, as the youthful Democratic support seemed to be everywhere.  Right beside Paoletti stood Sarah Beltz, another eager volunteer.

Beltz woke up at 5:45 am to vote when the polls first opened.  She has been standing outside the Kehr Union ever since, urging students to vote and helping to clear up any misconceptions about Obama.  Even after a long day, she still seemed energized and eager to spread the word on the issues that concern her including education and the environment.

As the time approaches for the polls to close, the energy on our campus is still high.  No matter what you stand for, or who you believe in, we should respect the fact that our youth is actually taking a stand in making history.


Signs outside the Kehr Union on Election Day
Signs outside the Kehr Union on Election Day



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