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Cup o' Joe: 2nd serving

I’ve been betrayed. We didn’t do so bad yesterday. The final tally came out as six comments in 150 views. Not great, but I am willing to take baby steps. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

Well, it is pretty hard to walk when your legs are being cut out from under you. You can call me paranoid or a conspiracy theorist, but I know the truth. A bitter ex-employee and current roommate of mine has stabbed me in the back. Last night I uncovered a plot by a Kyle Smith (you may know him from the three articles he wrote while working at The Voice for two years) where he was petitioning people not to comment on my story.

So I’ve declared war on Kyle Smith (with the brief truce called last night when I needed a ride home from Harry’s). It might get ugly, but no uglier than Kyle. So comment these stories or Kyle will win. Nobody wants that.

If you missed the Fearsome Foursome show Tuesday night on WBUQ 91.1 FM, there were a few big announcements you should be made aware of. First, in a stunning move the Fearsome Foursome have decided to bring back their annual March Madness tournament. The first tournament started in 2006 when Frosted Flakes upset Fruity Pebbles in a historic performance. Last year, Snickers captured the title as the best candy bar with peanut butter cups falling to second place.

This year, we are stepping away from food. First off, we are broke. Secondly, I am now tipping the scales at 200 pounds and do not think it will be in my best interest to partake in another eating competition. So in 2009, we will crown the greatest song ever. From now until next Tuesday, our audience can nominate songs to be entered into the bracket. Based on the number of requests, we will select the 64 most popular songs of our listeners. You can nominate a song right here in the BUNow comments section or by joining the Fearsome Foursome Facebook group.

In other news, the annual Easter Egg hunt will take place once again this year on a date to be determined and after years of production, the long awaited release of the “Block Party Bert” children’s book will be made public this April.

I am pretty disappointed in the quality of this years Block Party T-shirts.
No clear winner has really emerged or separated itself from the rest of the pack. I guess if I had to pick a favorite so far, I’d go with the maroon and gold one that spells Block Party out in children’s’ play blocks. Very simply and clean with a basic color scheme. It may be a little on the conservative side but in this case playing it safe works for me.

So far, it seems that the most popular t-shirt is the “Slammed I am” one offered by the Society for Advancement in Management. Isn’t this the same shirt they sell in Wildwood and Ocean City during the summer? I could have sworn I saw this one before. Either way, their Facebook group has received the most attention so far with nearly 300 members signed up.

I finally got my first ESPN Streak for the Cash win today, but it wasn’t east. I narrowly avoided going 0-6 when Villanova beat Marquette this afternoon on a buzzer-beater. I normally hate Nova, but for tonight I guess I’m gonna have to change my tune. Go Wildcats.

Now that it has become common knowledge
that I am a wrestling fan, a few readers have written in asking about my dream Wrestlemania card. I have drawn up a card that is at least slightly related to the current WWE product (meaning I haven’t switched champions or ignored certain feuds). Here is what I came up with.

Jeff Hardy vs. Matt Hardy (Steel Cage)- I would have loved to have this booked as a ladder match, but with the Money in the Bank match already a lock to take place I didn’t want to overload on the same gimmick. Still, a steal cage works just fine for the long awaited Brother vs. Brother fight. I’d have Matt Hardy take home the win as Jeff Hardy struggles the entire bout with the concept of hurting his own brother. This feud should absolutely continue after Wrestlemania though and well in Summerslam.

JBL vs. Christian. (ECW Championship)- The WWE really dropped the ball with Christian’s return by banishing him to ECW (Also called the island of misfit wrestlers). JBL has stated over and over during his recent mic work that he would become a Champion at Wrestlemania. Well, after failing several times to secure a title shot over the last month, I’d have him lower his standards and challenge Christian for the ECW title. JBL wins, but treats the ECW show and title like they are beneath him and not worthy of having him as a champion.

Big Show vs. Kane vs CM Punk vs Kofi Kingston vs. Finely vs. Jack Swagger vs. Shelton Benjamen vs MVP (Money in the Bank Ladder Match)- Always one of the best matches of the night. The MITB has never failed to live up to the hype. I feel this is the best group available because it highlights performers who excel in this type of environment (Shelton, Kofi, CM Punk) while balancing in legitimate title contenders (Big Show, Kane, Swagger). I pick Big Show to win the match and a future title shot.

Chris Jericho vs. Hulk Hogan- A wrestle mania wouldn’t be complete without a Hulk Hogan appearance, and this is the most logical feud to book. I am a huge Jericho fan and I have no doubt that he could carry Hogan to at least a watch-able match. I’d have Jericho cheat somehow, either with interference or maybe a weapon, to gain the upper hand. Then, out to make the save is newly inducted hall-of-famer Stone Cold Steve Austin. The match is followed by the legendary stare down between Austin and Hogan that will become an instant classic mania moment. Then, with the crowd already in a frenzy, The Rocks music will play. Only out comes Charlie Hass dressed as The Rock. Austin and Hogan will do their things, some stunners and leg drops, and the crowd gets their moneys worth. Everyone’s happy.

Miz and Morrison vs. Carlito and Primo (Tag Team Championship)- To be honest, I don’t even watch the tag team division anymore. I could care less about this match. Who wins? Who cares?

John Cena vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio (WWE Championship)- I hate Rey in normal one-on-one style matches. While he may be talented, his matches are awkward and not fun to watch (Kind of like a Spurs game). Anyway, Rey always looks better when booked against two or more opponents. This way, we get something different from the Cena-Edge match we’ve seen before, and Rey keeps his status as a main event talent. Rey wins this match in an upset, but he is nothing more than a transitional champion.

HHH vs. Randy Orton (World Championship)- No complaints with how this one has played out. My only suggestion would be to have the McMahon family in HHH’s corner and Legacy in Randy’s corner. Give Orton the win to establish himself as the top heel in the business.

HBK vs. Undertaker- Really can’t get better than this. Maybe make it a Hell in a Cell match? It doesn’t really matter. This has classic written all over it.

Speaking of classics, one of my favorite songs ever is You Love by The Outfield. I just found out Kate Perry covered the tune and I have to admit I don’t hate it. Take a listen and tell me what you think.

The Original


Finally, for all you Husky Baseball fans a reminder that tomorrow’s game has been rescheduled as an away game. The reason given from the Sports Information department cited the wet playing surface as the reason for the change, but you have to wonder if it had more to do with the still continuing construction at the field.



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    Go ‘Nova is right!

  • Brendan Schaller

    i’m commenting because i like you better than kyle.

    oh, and i’ll suggest “i’m on a boat” by the lonely island featuring t-pain.

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