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Creepy Crawlers Invade J.K.A

The residents of the Jessica Kozloff Apartments have been noticing a few tiny visitors in their apartment complex. Over the course of this semester, many insects have maneuvered their way into the lobbies of the apartments, and in some cases even into the student’s rooms! “I found this little guy in some clothes in my drawer the other day. We’ve had a lot of bugs come in and out throughout the semester,” sophomore Erik Hollenbush remarked.

Lady bugs, wasps, crickets, stink bugs, spiders, and unidentified insects, many have referred to as “millipedes”, are just a few of the insects mentioned that have been spotted throughout the JKA apartment complex. “I think it’s disgusting, I shutter every single time I exit the building. Thank God I live on the second floor so they don’t come crawling into my room,” one student exclaimed. On the way to the shuttle bus, there are many imprints of bugs that have been stepped on by the residents. “They leave gross, brown marks when they’re stepped on and it just makes the property look unkempt,” another student stated.  The female keepers of the apartments  have done a good job of keeping the inside tiles clean from any marks left by the remnants of the bugs.

It’s remarkable that so many different types of bugs have entered the building. The majority of students asked about this issue all wonder how they are getting in, and why there hasn’t been anything done about it already. “I’ve noticed the bugs a lot walking through the hallways, but I don’t know if anything is being done to get rid of them. I saw a few complaints filed at the community building, so maybe maintenance is going to take care of it,” C.A Joe Bowen said.  A source from the complex’s community building stated that they are aware that there are bugs present in the apartment buildings.  As of right now, exterminators have not been called into play for the current situation.  It was confirmed that it is in fact the maintenance staff’s job to keep the bugs at bay, and if the problem continues they will be taking further action.

As for right now, it is in the best interest of the residents to watch where they walk, stay mindful of keeping the fronts doors closed as much as possible, and to keep a keen eye open for any little “roommates” that may move in with them in the near future!

**Editors Note: Cover picture does not reflect actual bugs in J.K.A Complex