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Confirmed: Two Students Shot Off Campus at Bloomsburg University

On Wednesday night, there was a shooting on Fetterman Ave.: a very populated street for off campus housing at Bloomsburg University. Two students were shot in the incident that Bloomsburg police report was not a random act, and they assure that the public is not in danger.

Although the case is still under intense investigation, police think that the two intruders who broke into the Bloomsburg student’s apartment had a reason for doing so. When they broke into the apartment, police said they shot the two students, but they still do not know why the violence occurred.

When the police first arrived at the apartment, they found one student shot. He was taken to Geisinger Medical Center and is considered to be in critical condition. He has had one surgery so far and is still scheduled to have another.

The other student was shot in the arm and took himself to the hospital in Bloomsburg.


Two other students were watching TV upstairs in their apartment when the shooting happened a floor beneath them.

WNEP The News Station reported, Maria Cimino, one of the students upstairs in the apartment at the time said, “We heard a bang and that kind of got us up and we wondered, ‘what was that?’ And we heard another bang followed by a scream so then we locked the door and turned off the lights.”

WNEP also reported, Samantha Krautler, the other student upstairs in the apartment at the time said, “We, like, went to the window, we heard another bang, we hit the deck real quick.”

Bloomsburg Police Sgt. Leonard Rogutski said a gun was found close to the scene and is believed to be involved in the shooting.

Students around campus speculate that drugs were most likely involved in the incident that escalated into a shooting, but this has yet to be confirmed.

The shooting is still under investigation although the Bloomsburg police say they do have some leads. Please call Bloomsburg Police Department at 570-784-4155 with any information regarding this incident.