Charlie Sheen Saga

At first CBS, Charlie Sheen’s employer, suspended the highest paid actor from the last four episodes of the season. Now, over a week later, CBS has fired back again pulling the plug indefinitely. Sheen was paid an astonishing $1.8 million an episode. The closest paid actor on TV is his Ex-Costar Jon Cryer who makes $550,000 followed by Hugh Laurie who makes about $400,000 per episode for his role on House. He was the highest paid actor on television: the keyword being WAS. Now, he is stuck unemployed.
Just a few weeks ago, Sheen requested a book deal worth a reported $10 million dollars. We do not know whether or not he will get the deal that he wants. Ever since Sheen was suspended he has been in the public eye; attracting as much attention as possible.

He is not holding back either, as he has made appearances on such popular programs as Good Morning America, the Today Show and Piers Morgan Tonight. He goes on programs and bashes his bosses and co-workers that are apart of ‘Two and a Half Men,’ especially executive producer Chuck Lorre. On Piers Morgan Tonight he even showed Piers a test that proved that he was clean from any drugs, something that the media has accused him of being involved in.

Sheen has been in all different kinds of situations because of his drug and alcohol problem that he is not 100 percent out about to the world. He has gotten attention and made front page headlines for everything from having hookers to trashed hotel rooms. Now, being that his high-falutin lifestyle has been ripped from beneath him, it is up to him on whether he wants to get better or not. Dr. Drew Pinsky, who appeared on ‘The Joy Behar Show’ said that one week or two weeks of rehab is not going to do it. When questioned about being on drugs in a recent interview Sheen said, “The drug I am on is called Charlie Sheen.”

The question now is will the show go on without Sheen. If so, it is time to find a replacement. This show makes CBS over $150 million in profit every season that it is on-air. Robe Lowe is the top pick so far for the spot, but others such as John Stamos have been mentioned. With such a money-maker for the network a replacement is most likely going to be selected.

Ex-Costars of Sheen’s say that it is all “so sad.” Jon Cryer, who plays the father in ‘Two in a Half Men’ has stayed very quiet through this entire ordeal and Sheen has labeled him as a “turncoat.”
Many of the female stars of the show have expressed their sadness over the way things have turned out.

Everything happened very quickly. Many wonder that if Sheen stayed quiet and let things pass if he would have still had a job. Now, years of entertainment with Sheen at the forefront of the popular show are over as he is now off the air for the work of his that he is best known for.



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