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BUSTED Celebrates 25 Years

A large part of the college experience for most people is extracurricular activities. For some, this may be a sport or a club. However, there are quite a few lesser-known clubs on campus. One of them is a small improv group that does 2 shows a semester. The name of that group is BUSTED.

BUSTED (Which stands for Bloomsburg University Student Theatrical Education Drama) is an improv group on campus, which George Kinzel, or GK for short, leads. He has been in charge of this group since 1998, meaning it is celebrating its 25th year. At the moment, there are a total of 14 members, each with their own unique stories. The show follows a set story that is continuous, but all the funny punchlines and memorable quotes come straight from the actors. Here are a few actors, their characters, and their unique stories.

Samantha Schnell performs as Dr. Veruca Pepper. Samantha is an ASL major in her freshman year from Hackettstown, New Jersey. Dr. Pepper’s character is brand new this year, only introduced in the fall semester of 2022. This professor is funny, witty, and very well-versed in her area of expertise, soda making, and she is even the head of her department. She is also the adult advisor for CAB (Campus Activities Board).

Alex Gearhart performs as Millie Mall. Alex is an ASL Major in her sophomore year from Middletown, Delaware. Millie Mall is the RA for Sunrise Estates, the primary residence hall on Bloomsfield Campus. Millie Mall is another new character, only introduced in the fall semester of 2022. She is sweet, friendly, bubbly, and very good at her job. She has a lot to do and so little time to do it. She also won homecoming royalty in the fall of 2022.

Crow Lundervold performs as Zeebee Lee. Crow is a Creative Writing Major from Schuylkill Haven, Pennsylvania, and is in their Junior year. Zeebee Lee is the coordinator of the Glee Club. Zeebee is a returner, having been a part of BUSTED since the fall of 2021. They are a music major at Bloomsfield, and they enjoy writing music as well as coordinating the glee club. They are full of energy, mentally ill, and very determined. They have changed so much since the beginning and are eagerly waiting for their journey to continue.

Maddie Sakin performs as Bonzo. Maddie is a Graduate Student from Rockland County, New York, and this is her final year with BUSTED. Bonzo has gone through many changes, going from Student, to then campus cop, and now, a worker at the Korner’s Cafeteria on the Bloomsfield Campus. They are respectful, comforting, and have so much knowledge about life.

If you are interested to see where this whole story goes, the next BUSTED show is on March 3rd in the Kehr Union Ballroom. This will actually be Bonzo’s final show, so please come out to support this great friend to all the students on Bloomsfield Campus. If you are interested in joining BUSTED, auditions are held at the beginning of every semester. Come on out and support this incredible cast.