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BU Womens Soccer Coach Living her Dream

Coach Sandy Dickson
Coach Sandy Dickson

Sandy Dickson started her career as Bloomsburg University Women’s soccer head coach in March of 1998. Before coming to Bloomsburg University she graduated from Rutgers University in 1994. At Rutgers, she was a four –year member of the women’s soccer team, serving as captain her senior year. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and Psychology.  She also earned a masters degree in Science from Bloomsburg University.

In her high school years, coach Dickson helped lead Delran High School to two State Championships. While doing so she was named a regional All- American in both 1998 and 1989 and was also named 1989 New Jersey South Midfielder of the Year. In addition, to all those numerous awards she was named All-state and All-region from sophomore to senior year of high school. Coach Dickson was proud to say she was from the same high school and university of U.S National player Carli Lloyd, who won a gold Medal in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, scoring the lone goal in overtime in the gold medal match against Brazil.

In the 2000 and 2001 seasons, the Huskies won both championship games against Lock Haven University. Those two seasons was Coach Dickson’s most memorable moments as a coach at Bloomsburg University. “We had a great team and great chemistry, which helped lead us to those two amazing victories” replied Coach Dickson. She also looked back upon the 2002 season were the Huskies won the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference championship after two overtimes and penalty kicks.

Not only is Coach Dickson influence by her players but also looks to other coaches as her role models. Coach Jan Hutchinson is a familiar name in the Athletic Department at Bloomsburg University after coaching both the Field Hockey and Softball teams she has a combined total of over 1,734 wins between the two sports making her the winningest college coach in any division. Coach Dickson looks up to Coach Hutchinson for her wisdom as a coach and as a role model to many young coaches at Bloomsburg University.

“My favorite part of being a coach is watching my players revolutionize from freshman to seniors” replied coach Dickson. As she was influenced by her past coaches she wants to do the same for her players. Helping them develop on the field as well as in the classroom to become the best student athlete they can, while enjoying their college experience. Coach Dickson does not have a time limit on when she wants to hang up her cleats and finish coaching but she believes even if she stops coaching, soccer and coaching will always be a part of her life. She does not plan for tomorrow she lives for right now. “I don’t know what I will be doing in 5 to 10 years but I know where ever I am if I am in Bloomsburg or some place else soccer will always be there” replied coach Dickson.

Men and women soccer.
Bloomsburg University Men and Women Soccer

Even though Coach Dickson is all about soccer she has other interests at heart. Her favorite singer is Bruce Springsteen. Many have a fear of lightning but no one is as deathly afraid of it as coach Dickson. Coach Dickson being a soccer coach and playing outside ran into her biggest fear sometimes lightening. Captain Kelly Modes, senior women’s soccer player remembered, “As a freshman she ran away from the team after she saw a lightning bolt near the field and as a freshman I could not do anything else but laugh that my new coach just ran away and left us there.”

Coach Dickson even with her fears and strange obsession with coffee she has made an impact to Bloomsburg University Women’s Soccer. With no plans in the future, she is focused on the upcoming 2010 season and hopes it will be another great year for Bloomsburg women’s soccer.