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CU - Bloomsburg On Campus Strike

BU Students Receive Email About Possible Strike

Today, Oct. 18, Bloomsburg University students received an email containing a message from President David Soltz regarding the possible strike which would begin tomorrow, Oct. 19. The email addressed that if the strike were to occur, it would be the first in PASSHE’s 33 year history. It did address many student concerns regarding what campus-life will be like if faculty is on strike and classes are not in session.

The email assures students that campus-life will continue as usual if a strike is to occur, despite many classes not being held. Students should still attend their classes as usual if they are unsure of whether or not their teachers/professors will be crossing the picket line.

Students will still hold usual access to their emails, the recerational center, library, and dining halls. The email did not directly state whether or not students would have access to BOLT or MyHusky. Scheduled athletic and other events will continue as planned as well as Parents and Family Weekend.

The message from President Soltz urges that students use this time to catch up on work, get ahead, or visit professional development offices on campus. It asks students to use good judgement in their free time, obey laws, and be respectful of community members who also will have to deal with the potential strike.

BUnow will continue to update as more information is released. Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter with the hashtag #BloomUstrike how you’re feeling about the potential APSCUF strike tomorrow. Did this email answer your questions?

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