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BU student’s leg is stabilized after vehicle accident

Sean Sears, a Bloomsburg senior, was struck by a motorcycle on Lightstreet Road less than a block from campus on Saturday, Oct. 17. According to the GoFundMe that was set up for his recovery, his leg has been stabilized. Jenny Collins, organizer of the GoFundMe said that the orthopedic surgeon called Sean’s mother and gave an update on his condition on Oct. 21.

The accident occurred just before 7 p.m., and Sears was rushed to Geisinger Medical Center in Danville. The motorcyclist who struck Sears kept going then flew off his vehicle and struck another car. He was also rushed to the same hospital.

Sean Sears is a senior majoring in Digital Forensics and a member of Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity. The crowdfunding efforts have far exceeded the goal of $5,000. The Bloomsburg Pi Lambda Phi chapter, other Greek Life organizations, and a large number of students have contributed to spreading the word about the GoFundMe.

Sears is still in recovery.

“Just received the morning update. His nurse, Amanda, relayed that he had a pretty good, peaceful night. They were able to take him off the Cardene drip and his blood pressure has stabilized for now. His labs look okay. They are still utilizing a sodium drip to help increase his levels since that helps reduce swelling in the brain,” Jenny Collins updated today.

“Each day we face may bring us uncertainty and challenges and we may be faced with choices along our journey that are difficult and confusing. I would like to think that we would all make the same choice that she did to help someone in need. I know Sean would!” – Jenny Collins, GoFundMe organizer.

All updates on Sean’s condition can be found on the GoFundMe page.

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