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BU Student on Life Support Now on the Mend

BLOOMSBURG, Pa. — Bloomsburg Student, Kevin Boclair, was hospitalized in September for a problem linked to e-cigarettes and was eventually put on life support.

On Oct. 3, Boclair posted on Facebook he had received news that he would be leaving the intensive care unit after being there for over a month.

Boclair posted to Facebook, “This has made me a stronger person, and I will continue to fight. I hope my story can prevent others in the future from putting themselves in the position I did, even if I had no clue that this could, or ever would happen to me. Again, thank you to everyone, and I hope hearing from me can reassure all of you that I am improving.”

According to the Washington Post, there have been 28 deaths in the United States that are connected to vaping. Officials believe the chemicals in the e-cigarettes are the reason for the illnesses and deaths.

David Boclair, uncle to Kevin Boclair, posted on Facebook on Sept. 2, “Please educate yourself on, and alert your children to, the dangers of vaping. Our 19-year-old nephew, who is otherwise active and healthy, has spent the past several days on a ventilator and connected to a heart-lung machine while doctors determine whether he will need a lung transplant. He remains in critical but stable condition and it’s all the result of complications from his use of e-cigarettes.”

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