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Bloomsburg campus BUSTED Performance

The name “BUSTED” stands for Bloomsburg Student Theatrical Drama which involves students covering the hardships of college life, through comically jabbing performances. On February 23, BUSTED performed their 119th “episode” of the ongoing musical comedy series, which entailed college issues such as roommate drama, financial issues, and the unfortunate career crisis for students (and teachers). The shows are performed at Bloomsburg Kehr Union Ballroom from 8:00 until 9:00 p.m.

Cast of BUSTED performing their lively introduction song.

There are 11 members in the cast, and each have roles that the cast made themselves. These characters may have personalities similar to actor themself, or just completely ridiculous. There were rowdier members, such as Ell Adams’s character “Bean Rowdy” or characters that were full of bologna like the “italian” character, Al Fredo, played by Roman Ring (he was technically only 5% italian), not to mention, there is even a character named Bo Loanie, played by Lauren Bullotta. Nonetheless, the cast exemplified their creativity with just the character names alone!

BUSTED is a scripted-improv group, which means they decide a theme for each episode or performance and practice a general outline of their performances. Their practice behind the scenes versus their on-stage performances are different from each other.

“It is mostly laughing at relatable struggles,” Elizabeth Mauser, also known as Gek O’Bean O’Neil, says that the performances are an escape for not only the cast members but audience members, which are a lot of students.

Ell Adams or Bean Rowdy says that they want audiences to laugh and have a good time because it’s the most important thing they are offering with their club. Other members that were interviewed said the same thing as well, since the cast is having fun, they want the audience to do the same thing as well.

Scene of ZeeBee Lee (Crow Lundervold), Skye Byrd (Amayah Fogleman) and Egg (Abby Knobel) having a picnic.

Throughout the semesters, the students in BUSTED meet later at night to come up with ideas such as writing scripts, choreographing dance numbers and rehearsing for their next performances. College students have busy schedules, so it can be quite stressful to create a show like these students do.

Amayah Fogleman plays Skye Byrd and she said that “for the little time we had, I think all the scenes and songs flowed pretty well” when talking about the club’s most recent performance. She said that the club feels like a family, so it is very rewarding to work together and create a project that can be showcased like this one.

The next BUSTED performance is on Friday, April 12 in the Kehr Union Ballroom, for anyone interested in seeing the insight on college life for students today, the show will start at 8:00 p.m.! If you are curious to hear more updates about BUSTED, follow their social media too!

Instagram & TikTok: @bubusted