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Bloomsburg Flood Complicates Dorm Life

The recent flooding in the town of Bloomsburg has lead to some complications not only for the residents of the town, but on the Bloomsburg University campus as well. With the power being out for part of the Thursday, Sept. 8, most residents in Columbia Hall (the hall I am currently in) decided to go home. For the rest of us, we were given three minute showers, limited food and few companions to enjoy this weather with.

A car stuck in water in downtown Bloomsburg


When asked about the three minute showers, senior Erick Calarco said, “Trust me, it wasn’t fun.” Maintenance staff was going around all day telling the residents on campus that they would be shutting off the water, so they couldn’t shower. That lead to sophomores Kristine Macort and Hannah Carrier to wash their hair with bottled water in the sink. They both said it was “cold, annoying, and a little difficult but necessary.”


A small sandwich, salad and a bottle of water were given to each student at the Commons. It was a good amount of food, but not very filling. Then again, they are doing the best they can to get whatever food they have to as many students as possible.

For as long as these complications continue, the University will be closed. Keep checking BUnow for more up to date information on the 2011 Bloomsburg Flood.